A foot in the door

Story: A Foot in the Door, Chapter 2

AN: Story renamed, used to be called “Hopeless - or maybe not so much”
Title: A foot in the door
Summary: After seeing a certain hip-swivel, Sebastian has turned his attention towards Kurt, who might not hate it as much as it looks like.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Sebastian
Beta: Thanks to The Other, all mistakes are mine
Disclaimer: I wish...

Chapter 1

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Dalton Academy, Connecting, Daltons POV

Story: Dalton Academy, Chapter 1: The End

AN: This starts when Kurt starts at Dalton, and up to that point it's mostly canon. This is a WIP, and I don't have any firm idea of where it's going to end, I'm simply going where the story leads me. It will be a Kurt/Dalton students friendship fic, and you might recognize some of the scenes from another story of mine, “Connecting to Dalton”.
Title: Dalton Academy
Summary: Kurt transfers to Dalton, but decides that instead of hanging on to Blaine, he's going to make his own way and his own friends.
Pairing: Undecided as of now, but NOT Klaine
Beta: Many thanks again to The Other.
Disclaimer: Glee is not mine, or else Kurt would be shacking it up with Sebastian.

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Chapter 2: Welcome to Dalton
Dalton Academy, Connecting, Daltons POV

Story: Connecting to Dalton, Chapter 2

Warnings: Trigger alert, mentions of self harm and allusions to suicide.
Summary: When Kurt transfer back to McKinley, it's not for the reasons many thinks. As the Warblers sing to their goodbye, Kurt thinks back at his time with them, and the friends he have made and which he will miss horribly.
Beta: Thanks to The Other for beta, and all mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer:  Not mine, otherwise Kurt would be doing the horizontal with... well, anyone but Blaine.

Chapter 1
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I was just cleaning up my tags, going through all the posts and I am in shock. With myself. I can't remember not being able to write proper english, but OMG! There were so many mistakes. It actually hurt to read...
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The roads, Casual

Story: Casual relations, Chapter 2: Jesse

Summary: Kurt's best friend is Sebastian Smythe, and that has made him slightly more relaxed about hooking up with random people. Suddenly, said random people start appearing in his 'regular' life.
Title: Casual relations
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Jesse, Kurt/others
Beta: Thanks to The Other. Alll mistakes are mine
Disclaime: Once again, no...

Chapter 1

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