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Fanfic: "...Are made as we walk them", Chapter 1: Five years later

Summary: Sebastian and Alex are living together in New York, when they decide it's about time to try and find Alex' past. **Set 5 years after “The Roads we walk...”

Title: ...Are made as we walk them.

Summary: Sebastian and Alex are living together in New York, when they decide it's about time to try and find Alex' past. **Set 5 years after “The Roads we walk...”

Title: ...Are made as we walk them.

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Warning: Amnesia

Beta: Many thanks to the lovely jwmelmoth, and as always, all mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Glee is not mine


Alex looked around at his friends from where he sat on the love seat next to Sebastian. They were celebrating Alex' birthday party, his 23rd, and they had gathered whatever friends they had that lived in New York for a get together.

They had moved to New York after Sebastian finished high school in Paris, and after a couple of months, they bought an apartment together with the help of Sebastian's parents. Sebastian was taking a medical degree at NYU, and Alex had been accepted to Parsons. When he had finished high school a year before Sebastian, Alex had started to work as an intern for Vivian, who had by then become like a mother to him. Both he and Sebastian had been working on and off as models, first just for Vivian, but they were soon snatched up by an agency. Working part time next to their studies made them just enough to get by on their own. They had made friends through both school and their work, making the party they were currently at a rather mixed group.

They weren't hosting the party, as their apartment really wasn't big enough for that many people, but one of their best friends and his girlfriend had offered to be the hosts. Which was why they were currently in Cooper Anderson's villa of an apartment. They had met Cooper through a former colleague of them both, a model Cooper used to date, and they had laid best friend claim on him ever since. They had known him for two and half years now, and he knew all about the memory loss and how the two of them got together. They knew all about the parents that Cooper didn't talk to, and the little brother that he was so proud of, who was a songwriter. They had seen a picture from last summer, with Cooper and his brother, a young, rather short man, with curls everywhere and dark framed glasses.

Sebastian clinked his ring on the wineglass he was holding, standing up from the couch, bringing everyone's attention to them. He cleared his throat before he started talking, the only sign that he was nervous.

Everyone, we have a few announcements.” He looked down at Alex to show who he meant. “Yesterday, Alex and I had a little private celebration,” catcalls and laughter flowed through the group of friends, but Sebastian just stared them into silence. “I asked Alex to marry me, and he said yes.”

After the cheers and congratulations, and quite a few of the girls' exclamations of “OMG!” about the rings, Alex and Sebastian stood in the middle of the room together. Alex then made the second announcement.

You all know about my past, or lack of past, and we have been wondering lately if there is anything we can do to find my family. I realized when we talked about getting married, that I would like to have my family there with me. We have talked to Gabriel,” Alex raised his glass to a blond, tall man at the end of the couch, “who you all know is a journalist for OUT magazine. He has asked me before to do a piece on my life and the amnesia, and though I have declined him before, we have decided it is time. So I'm going to be interviewed, pictures from the last few years will be included in the piece and hopefully someone will recognize me. We know it's not the most likely magazine my family will be reading, but as I expect I wasn't any less gay in the past, there is a chance I had some gay friends.”

There was a smattering of laughs from their friends, and Alex smiled at them.

It's a bit of a long shot, but I know I will feel a lot better if I at least try to find them.”

When's the wedding?” Alicia, one of Alex' friends from school, who was there with her partner Sarah, yelled out. "Christmas break?"

No. That's only a couple of months away, and we want to give the article a chance to run. We haven't decided yet.”

The party quickly broke down to several discussions and conversation, and Sebastian sat on the arm of the couch, looking down on his fiancé, who was deep in conversation with Cooper. He always felt horrible for thinking it, but he was so happy that Alex had been in that accident and they had found him, otherwise they might never have met. He would have gladly taken it without the memory loss, particularly long term, but if he had to choose, he knew he would never have done anything to change the things that happened.

For a long time, he had been uncertain about what Alex thought about it, whether he would change things if he could. He had asked him once, when they were both drunk, and Alex had said he wouldn’t change it, but sometimes Sebastian felt like Alex only had one side of it, so how could he possibly know?

Thankfully, after several years together, Sebastian was confident in their relationship and had been unsurprised, though ecstatic, when Alex said yes to his proposal. But still, he hoped they could find Alex' family, give him back some of his life before, even if he never remembered. If they didn't find anyone, Sebastian was afraid that Alex would always wonder where he came from, never being able to be at peace with himself and his life, so Sebastian had planned on getting the interview published in as many magazines his family had any pull over if the one in OUT didn't get any results.

With one last gaze down at Alex, he let Sarah pull him into a conversation.

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