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Story: Casual relations, Interlude 1: Matt

Summary: Kurt's best friend is Sebastian Smythe, and that has made him slightly more relaxed about hooking up with random people. Suddenly, said random people start appearing in his 'regular' life.

Title: Casual relations

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Jesse, Kurt/Matt, Kurt/others

Beta: Thanks to The Other, all mistakes are mine

Disclaimer: Once again, no...

Chapter 2: Jesse

Interlude 1: Matt

It had been just after Puck, Matt and Mike joined Glee club, and Kurt was taking his chance on taking a shower in the locker rooms. He had just joined the Cheerios, and thankfully the other boys on the team didn't care if he showered with them, but their private locker room was being re-painted, and the other boys had left awhile ago. Kurt had to stay later to practice the vocals as well as the acrobatics, and by the time he was finished, there wasn't even a trace left of any of the other boys. He was sweaty and tired, and didn't want to sweat down his car, so he took the chance.

He snuck in and prayed that the fact that it was empty only meant that everyone had gone home. He quickly shed his uniform, grabbed his shower products and his towel, and locked everything else into one of the few empty lockers with a padlock. He sighed in relief as he stepped under the shower and let it massage his sore muscles; Coach Sue was insane.

As he started relaxing, his mind began to replay the very nice view he had had during practice. Some of the other cheerio boys had to do some very suggestive bending and hip twirling, and Kurt had filed away the pictures for later use. This seemed as good a time as any, and he closed his eyes, his hand slowly making its way to his dick. He encircled it and slowly started jerking off, letting the other hand glide down his body, and letting it slide between his ass cheeks, probing one finger at the entrance.

It had been a while since he had bottomed for anyone, as Jesse preferred to be bottom and all his other gay friends either was in a relationship or lived too far away for Kurt's hectic days. Now he was craving it, though, and he was starting to wonder how he could convince his dad that he needed to go see a friend in Westerville on a weekday, as his coming weekends were filled up.

When the door to the locker room opened a few minutes later, he didn't notice it, too far gone in his haze, but he did notice when the shower next to his suddenly turned on. He froze in shock, his hands falling to his sides and he kept his eyes close for a few more seconds, praying for it to be Jesse, the only who really wouldn't care, or one of the Glee guys, who would be embarrassed, but wouldn't beat him up.

The walls between the showers only reached Kurt his waist, and anything and everything he did would be very obvious to whoever it was. With beating heart Kurt opened his eyes, to find Matt standing in front of him with a crooked smile.

“You need some help with that?” The dark voice resonated in Kurt, and he could only gape in shock, as his eyes were drawn downwards to see that he was clearly not the only one 'needing help', and he couldn't help but noticed that Matt was very well hung.

Kurt smiled a little wryly. “Sure, if you're 'up' for it.”

Matt just grinned at him before taking a step closer to Kurt, laying his hands on Kurt's hips and catching him in a kiss. The kiss soon evolved and Matt's hands slid lower, grabbing Kurt's ass and pressing them closer together. Kurt had one hand in Matt's hair, the other pressing at his lower back, and as they started to wetly rub against each other, he lifted one leg and hooked it around Matt's hip. The darker boy started kissing down Kurt's neck, whilst one of his hands stroked Kurt along the lifted leg, holding him close. Kurt was moaning wantonly and in the back of his mind he knew this was a bad idea, and that someone could walk in on them, but he was enjoying himself too much to care.

Matt had started slightly biting on one of Kurt's nipples, and Kurt threw his head back and almost hit his head on the wall behind him, curling both his hands in Matt's short hair. Suddenly Matt let go of his leg, and Kurt opened his eyes just as the other boy dropped on his knees. Kurt barely had the time to even think about what was happening when he was, quite literary, swallowed whole.

“Guh.” Kurt couldn't even form words. He had, of course, had blowjobs before, but either Matt had a lot of practice, or he didn't have a gag reflex at all.

Kurt could feel the slide of the tongue as Matt started bobbing on his dick, and his eyes almost rolled back in his head, as he used one hand to steady himself against the wall, and the other to grip in Matt's hair. He could feel more than hear Matt moaning around his erection, and Kurt let his head fall against the wall. Embarrassingly short after that, he tugged at Matt's shoulder, knowing he would be coming any second, but Matt just hollowed his cheeks and Kurt came down his throat whilst the black boy swallowed around him.

Kurt tried to gather his now pleasure scattered thoughts as Matt stood up and drew him into another kiss. He could feel Matt's erection on his hip, and he slid his hands down again and started jerking him off whilst they made out. It only took a few tugs before the other boy was coming in spurts against Kurt's skin and Kurt found it oddly erotic.

They finished up the shower, Matt insisting on washing Kurt's hair and turning Kurt into a puddle with the head massage that he got as well. Matt was as sparse with his words as always, but Kurt didn't need words, and there was no need for talking anyways.

They got dressed in silence and they separated at the parking lot bit a harsh kiss and a lifted eyebrow. The next day Kurt got his wish about being filled satisfied, and the two of them soon worked out a series of hand gestures and looks for whenever they wanted to hook up.

Kurt was not pleased when Matt moved away over the summer, as he their arrangement had worked very well, but they soon figured out cybersex to make up for it.

Tags: fandom: glee, pairing: kurt/matt, story: casual relations

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