bablefisk (bablefisk) wrote,

Ficlet: Crack klaine proposal fic #2

A prompt going around tumblr. After the spoiler that Blaine was maybe gonna propose, someone suggested to make crack klaine proposal fics because we find it utterly riddiculus.

“Kurt, I know we have had some issues in the past, but I feel like we’ve worked through them. I need and want you in my life, and we both know it’s important I get what I want. I would really love for nothing more than to take you hand in marriage.”

Kurt stares at him with eyes big in shock.

“Oh… well, crap. That’s kinda sucky timing. See, I’ve secretely been dating Sebastian for the last 9 months, and he kinda asked me yesterday.”

Kurt holds up his hand and a beautiful gold band lights up in the sun.

“Wait, 9 months? But that was when I came to visit you!”

“Yeah, after you left, we kinda bumpet into each other, and when he asked me out, I figured, why the hell not? The man is hot. Toodles!”

Tags: fandom: glee, one-shot, pairing: kurt/sebastian

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