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Ficlet: Crack klaine proposal fic #1

A prompt going around tumblr. After the spoiler that Blaine was maybe gonna propose, someone suggested to make crack klaine proposal fics because we find it utterly riddiculus.
This idea came from another post by storiesfromb36: Someone just said they wanted a Klaine proposal to happen at Dalton. Sure. Okay. If Hunter and Sebastian get to be there. And laugh their asses off.

Blaine led them to the oh so familar stairs in that hallway, and Kurt could feel his stomach sinking.

“Kurt, I have taken you here because I wanted to say something. I know we have had a rough time lately, but I really feel like we have gotten over that and that we are becoming us again. Which is why,” Blaine started to fumble in his pocket, and just as Kurt was about to interrupt his ex before they tread into highly uncomfortable waters, he can see Sebastian and Hunter at the bottom of the stairs, looking at him with raised eyebrows and crocked smiles, and Kurt is too distracted.

Suddenly there is a box in front of his face and Blaine is talking again. “Will you marry me?” As he hears the words, Kurt realizes that there is an actual ring in the box, and he freezes up, just long enough thar the two boys looking at them starts laughing.

Blaine turns to them in shock, which soon turns to anger when he realizes who it is, but this time Kurt speaks up before he can open his mouth.

“Blaine, although very flattering, it’s a no. We haven’t been together for over nine months, and yes, things are getting better, but just as friends. Besides” Kurt walkes past Blaine down the stairs towards the two other boys who are now grinning, clearly still on the verge of laughing. “I’m dating someone else.”

Kurt slips in between the two boys as Blaine looks on in shock, and takes the two hands that are offered to him. “Or should I say some two else.”

Tags: crack!fic, fandom: glee, kurt, one-shot, pairing: kurt/sebastian/hunter

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