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Ficlet: Never getting back together

Title: Never getting back together

Summary: Kurt laying it in to some people from McKinley

AN: I felt the need to rant a little.

Disclaimer: Glee is not mine

Kurt was not pleased. After he and Blaine had broken up, it had taken Kurt some time just to be able to function properly again, and he had, for the most part, closed the world out. He needed to work through everything and make sense of it. Rachel stuck to him, and he was relieved to know that his best friend had chosen his side in this. A week after the break up, when he could talk about it without sobbing (though he was still crying), he had called his dad and Carole and told them what had happened. They were mad naturally, and only half an hour later, Sam had called. Finn knew, of course, but Sam had come home to a raving Burt and found out that way. They had talked for almost an hour, where Kurt lay everything on the table, and he had been glad when he hang up that his two 'brothers' were still on his side.

The reason there needed to be sides, was simple. Some of their friends couldn't quite understand why Kurt couldn't just forgive Blaine. Several of them had cheated, and most had worked through the problem. The issue was, however, that KurtandBlaine was very different from those couples. Their friends had talked high school, Kurt and Blaine had talked life. Tina and Mike had talked vacation together, Kurt and Blaine had talked an apartment together. There would be tough times, and Blaine hadn't managed to get through more than three weeks of it.

Kurt had let things slide for a long time, but he was starting to get sick of it. All his friends from Lima kept pointing out that Kurt and Blaine were meant to be together, and when Blaine jumped the bandwagon, it reached a tipping point for Kurt. They just didn't seem to get it, and he was going to tell them, once and for all, why Kurt would never get back together with Blaine (and even though it had nothing to do with Adam, having a new boyfriend certainly did help).

All of this was why he was standing where he was. It was the evening before Valentines day, and tomorrow Mr. Schue was getting married. It wasn't the best of occasions to do this, but it was the only one in a while where they were all gathered. All of old and New Directions were sitting in the Glee room, they had just finished the practice for the songs they were singing tomorrow, and Kurt was standing in front of them.

“Thank you all for coming, and I'm sorry to those of you that started Glee this year, but this was the best time to do this. Feel free to leave for ten minutes or so, if you don't know our history, this will probably become very uncomfortable for you.”
Kitty, Unique, Marley, Jake, Ryder and Joe all gave him a nod and walked out of the room.

“Great. If you could all just be quiet while I talk, and then you can say anything you want when I'm done. All of you know that Blaine and I broke up. Some of you know why, and a few know everything that went down.” Kurt saw the pained look on Blaine's face, but he continued on.
“I have tried to let this be, to put what happened behind me, but several of you seems to care a little too much about my love life, so I am going to hash through this now. I don't like putting my personal business out there like this, but I've had it.”

“Blaine cheated. Then he flew to New York and told me, and managed to blame me for it. That hurt, I'll admit that, and I admit that I had been a bit busy and might have ignored a phone call or two, but that still does not give him leave to cheat. Now the issue here isn't the cheating in itself, it's what it meant to me. And particularly two things that it meant to me. One, Blaine and I talked about spending our life together, but Blaine couldn't get through three weeks of rough times before he broke. Two, “ Kurt drew in his breath, he knew he was gonna let a tear free on this part, but he couldn’t help it. “he hooked up with someone he didn't even know, and I have to ask myself if I meant that little to him.” Blaine tried to speak up, but Kurt held out his hand.

“No. I'm not done. Blaine broke my heart, and even though it is healing and I may one day forgive Blaine for that, I can't trust him with it again. So if you could please all get off my case; I am not getting back together with Blaine. Thank you.”

Tags: fandom: glee, kurt, new directions, one-shot, pairing: kurt/adam

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