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Ficlet: The Lonely Boy

AN: Trigger alert!! Has suicide and major character death. This just wouldn't leave me alone.
Summary: What if Burt had died?
Disclaimer: Glee is not mine.

The Lonely Boy

Kurt Hummel was sitting in a chair in the hospital, next to his father's bed. Burt had had a heart attack, and had been in a coma for three days. Kurt had always thought he was strong, but loosing the foundation in his life, his strong and safe dad, hit him hard, and he felt like he was drowning. Even worse was his Glee friends who, for some reason, instead of being there for Kurt, had decided that this was the best time to try and convince Kurt to believe in a God. He didn't even have the energy to tell them off, everything was jumbled and terrifying and he was so, so scared. And so, so alone. He had never felt more alone in his life.

As he sat there, looking at his dad, thinking about a life without him, he couldn't even breath. And so he made a deal, with him self, that if his dad died, then Kurt would too.


Burt had been in a coma for almost eight weeks when his brain gave out, and two days later he was taken off life support. Kurt had known there was nothing left of his father, that he was technically dead, but that didn't soften the grief any. He stood with Carol, watching as they stopped the machines, and broke down crying.

A few hours later, Kurt asked the nurses if he could please get to stay with his dad's body for just tonight, alone, and Carol gave him a teary nod and and hug.

He sat down in the chair that he now knew so well. His hands was shaking as he pulled out the pill container that he had carried with him, filled up over the weeks with all the different drugs Kurt had gotten his hand on these last weeks.

He opened the bottle of water he had brought with him, and slowly started swallowing the pills. After ten minutes, the container was empty. Kurt didn't know if it was psychological or not, but he began to feel sleepy, and he took his father's hand in his before he laid his head on the bed, closing his eyes, still unconsciously crying.

He would see his parents soon.


The night nurse found the two bodies as she made her rounds. She tried to save the boy, but he had been dead for hours already.

Three days later, several people got a note in the mail. Some were long. Some were short. But every last person to get one started crying once more, for the lonely boy.

Tags: burt, fandom: glee, genre: angst, kurt, one-shot

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