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You become a teenager when you realise your parents just don't get it.

You start to grow up when you realise they have a life outside of you, as well as before and after you. Probably filled with many mistakes.

You become an adult when you you realise that these mistakes have affected your whole life, and most probably in a bad way.

I became a teenager at 10, began to grow up at 13 and became an adult at 15. Thanks a fucking lot, dad.

You go 23 years of my life doped out, you clean up and suddenly you want to be there for me. It's just too little, too late. I have to get myself to shore before I can save anyone else, and I can only throw you a buoy, not myself.  And there are several buoys floating around you, just out of reach, because you didn't want them when I threw them. Swim to shore on your own.

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