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Story: Dalton Academy, Chapter 2: Welcome to Dalton

Title: Dalton Academy
Summary: Kurt transfers to Dalton, but decides that instead of hanging on to Blaine, he's going to make his own way and his own friends.
Pairing: Undecided as of now, but NOT Klaine
Beta: Many thanks again to The Other.
Disclaimer: Glee is not mine.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Welcome to Dalton

Kurt pulled the Navigator into the parking lot at Dalton Academy, his dads’ truck following close behind. Burt and Kurt had driven together in the Navigator to have the last two hours they could together, and Finn had driven the truck behind them. Tina, Mike and Puck had offered to come and help, but there was only so much Kurt could bring with him anyways. He had, with Tina and Mike's help, packed up most of his room, because they were looking for a new house now, and would need to move soon anyway, but he had only brought what he needed. He had a suitcase with clothes; things he would wear after school and on the weekends he stayed at Dalton, as well as any accessory he could get away with on the uniform. He had a box with personal items, like pictures and the like, one box with books and one with movies. All his music was on his iPod, so he had only brought the speakers for it, as well as his laptop. Anything else he might need he had decided to bring with him on the first trip home.

The three of them walked towards the main office. The halls were quiet, as it was Sunday morning and most students were probably either eating breakfast or still sleeping. Finn looked around the halls in awe as they made their way through them, and Kurt could swear he heard his brother mumble “Do the paintings move?” They reached the office, and as they had an appointment with the headmaster, they were let in without any waiting.

The headmaster, a tall, black man stood up from his seat behind the large desk. He was wearing a pair of suit pants and a gray shirt, and wore a smile as he stretched out his hand in greeting.

“Hi, you must be the Hummels, welcome to Dalton. My name is Michael Ambrio, I'm Headmaster here at Dalton.”

“Hi, I'm Kurt” Kurt shook his hand, before gesturing to Burt and Finn. “This is my dad, and that's Finn, my step-brother.”

Burt shook the man’s hand, whilst Finn simply gave a nod.

“Well, we're glad to have you here. Please, sit down.” They all sat down in the seats provided. “Now, Kurt, you will be starting with the classes tomorrow. We have your records, of course, and have placed you in what should be the correct classes, but as it is in the middle of the semester, we want you to take some placement tests, just to be sure. So instead of classes on Thursday, you will take the tests.” After a nod from Kurt, he handed Kurt a folder before he continued talking. “This is all the information you should need. You will find our rules and regulations and also information about the dorms, common rooms and the clubs we have. Your roommate, Jeff Sterling, will also be your guide, and he will show you around the school later today. He will also help you through all this information, and tell you anything else that might be of interest. He should be here any second to show you to your room.”

30 minutes later Kurt watched as his dad drove off with a heavy heart. He was glad he had decided to come to Dalton, but he would miss his dad something horribly. They had never been away from each other longer than a weekend, and Kurt was used to having his reassuring presence around. He gave a great sigh just as he felt someone stop next to him, and he looked over at his roommate. Jeff Sterling was a smiling, blond haired sophomore, and just by the 27 minutes that Kurt had known him, he had no doubt that they would get along great. Kurt had been a little nervous that whoever he ended up sharing with would be uncomfortable with his obvious homosexuality, but Jeff had just smiled and engaged Kurt and Burt in conversation whilst Finn continued looked in wonderment at the school.

“It gets easier after a while, but the first time is a little hard.”

“Yeah, let’s hope so.” Kurt gave him a smile, and they walked in together.

“What do you say we get started on the tour now, then we can go have lunch after, and we can talk rules and stuff after that?”

“Sounds good.”

“Okay, so there are six buildings at the school, all of which you need to drive through the security gate to get to.” Kurt nodded, they had been stopped when they had arrived here, and it had made Kurt feel very safe, knowing that no one could get in unless the guard let them in. They had even given the school Karofsky's name and picture, so that they wouldn't let him in.
“Two of those are living quarters; the North wing, where our room is, and the South wing. The East wing is where the auditorium is, as well as the classrooms for the language classes, the art classes and some history and geography classes. The West wing holds the AV stuff, the computer classes, all the sciences and the labs. The main building holds the dining hall, where we eat four times a day, the offices, some meeting rooms and a few extra classrooms. The last building is the gym, where, naturally the gym hall, but also a smaller gym with weights and such, and a swimming pool we can use within certain hours of the day.”

During the next two hours, Jeff showed Kurt around, and though Kurt was a little overwhelmed, Jeff was a great guide. He showed Kurt all the important things, and said they would wait with the less important, lest Kurt forget everything. Finally they walked towards the dining hall for lunch, and Kurt suddenly realized he might meet Blaine here.

When Kurt had decided he was switching school, he was a little uncertain about how he should approach it. Blaine was great, and had been a good support, and yes, Kurt had a little crush on him, but he didn't really know Blaine at all. Kurt could take the easy road, which probably had many shortcuts, with Blaine as his guide and mentor. Or he could take the road everyone starting the school before him had done, getting to know a lot of people along the way. There were so many potential friends at Dalton, and Kurt wanted the full experience, not the one that cut corners, so he didn't breathe a word to Blaine that he was starting here. He wasn't avoiding Blaine, but they were hardly even friends, and they would meet whenever the fates decided.

Jeff broke into his reverie. “There aren't a lot of people here yet, a lot of boarders went home for the weekend, as it's a home weekend, but they will all be back by supper. As I said, we get served food four times a week; Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. If you need any more food, which most of us do, there is a fridge with yogurt and stuff and a fruit bar that is always stocked.”

The dining hall was silent as they walked in, with only a few people sitting here and there, and a few people in line for food. Jeff dragged Kurt over to the line, and he was surprised when he realized they had two alternatives, one regular and one healthy one. There were pre-packed salads in a cooling disk, all with plenty of vegetables as well as chicken and pasta, with a dressing on the side. Kurt happily took the salad and was a little stumped when there was no cashier. Jeff saw his face as they walked towards a free table.

“We don't pay, that's all in the tuition.”

Lunch went fast, the two boys exchanging interests and hobbies and finding they had many in common. When Jeff told him he was in the Warblers, Kurt tried to remember him from the performance, but he had been too embarrassed to remember much of it. They walked towards their room through almost deserted corridors, and as they walked in, Jeff picked up the folder that the Headmaster had given Kurt.

“Okay, time to go through this thing. Come on, let’s just sit on my bed, we can unpack your things later.” Kurt sat down next to Jeff on his bed, a little stiff as always because of the bruises, and tried not to touch the other boy, something Jeff rendered unnecessary when he scooted closer, pressing their thighs together.

“Let's see, first there are the rules. There is a rule book somewhere as well, but these are hopefully the only you have to worry about. Here, why don't you read through them, and I'll explain any you might wonder about.”

Kurt took the paper and started reading it silently.

Top rules for students at Dalton Academy

1. School uniform is to be used in all classes, as well as whenever a student is representing the school in an official capacity. See further rules about the school uniform in rule book.
2. All Dalton students are to participate in a sport, if physically possible. See list over sports added in the folder to see what qualifies.

For Boarders

1. Curfew to be back in your room is 11PM Sunday through Thursday, and 2AM Friday and Saturday.
2. You are allowed to leave the school outside of classes, but you have to back to curfew. You need a note from a parent if this is not possible.
3. Girls are not allowed in the rooms after 9PM
4. The dorm kitchen can be used between 5AM and 12PM
5. There are only certain weekends that boarders can go home, see own overview with dates.

There was really only one rule that Kurt didn't like, the one about sports. He might be good at being kicker, but he had not enjoyed his short stint on the football team, and had no plans of joining one again. He looked up at Jeff, unhappy.

“What kind of sports do they have here?”

“Ah, let's see, I don't remember all, so....” Jeff dragged the word out as he looked for the list in the folder “Here you go.”

The list held a few surprises, and as Kurt started skimming through it, he put a purple x beside any he could picture himself doing.

Fencing x
Martial Arts x
Cheerleading x

The last one made him stop. They had cheerleading at an all-boys school? How did that work?

“Cheerleading? How does that work in an all-boys school?” Kurt looked up at Jeff who had been toying with his phone.

“Oh, we have a sister school, Crawford Country day, and the boys from Dalton drive over there twice a week to practice. You interested in it?” Jeff was looking at him now, not mockingly like Kurt would have thought, but with a kind smile.

“Yeah, I was a cheerleader at McKinley last year, helped lead them to Nationals. I actually miss it; it would be nice to start with it again.”

After the ‘4 Minutes’ performance and Mercedes quitting the team, Kurt had gone through the Sue Sylvester training program, otherwise known as hell, to come up to par with the rest of the squad. He had been recruited for his singing, but as far as Coach Sue was concerned, he should be in just as good shape as all the others. Come Nationals, he had sung for fourteen and a half minutes in French whilst he did the gymnastics. He liked the gymnastics a lot more than he thought he would, and if it hadn't been for the fact that Coach Sue was insane and a slave driver, he would have loved to continue being on the squad. He quickly decided that he wanted to try out for the Cheerleaders, and he would look at both Martial arts and Fencing, and see what it was like; he could always do with more exercise.

Jeff caught his attention again with another piece of paper. “Now, this is a list of all the clubs you can join in the school. It works like this; you have the two first weeks where you can join any club or sports meeting you like, twice for each club. Some of the clubs have audition to join, like the Warblers or the Cheerleaders, and that gives you a chance to see what the different clubs are about. After the two weeks, you have to decide what you want to take.”

Kurt thought that was a really nice idea, and he started looking through the pages of clubs. In the end he chose some that he wanted to check out:

Fencing (The Kingfishers)
Martial Arts
Cheerleading (The Lories)
Glee club (The Warblers)
Drama club
Shop class

Kurt didn't think he would join the drama club, but it was worth checking out. Fencing sounded like it could be fun learning, and as he already familiar with sai swords, both Fencing and Martial Arts should be within his comfort zones. Glee club was a given, at least to see how they ran it, and the shop class was in hopes that they could work on cars. Hopefully he could talk to whoever ran it, and maybe get to tinker down there on his own. He knew he would miss it, now that he couldn't work in the garage.

The afternoon sped by, Jeff helping Kurt unpack and get everything in order. They looked over Kurt's schedule, and at first when he looked at it, Kurt thought there had been a mistake; he had a class after dinner once a week. The class only said ‘SD – gym’, and Kurt had no idea what that meant. He looked up at Jeff to see if he knew, but Jeff was already looking at him, with a sad look on his face.


“That last class? SD? It stands for Self-defense.”

Kurt's eyes widened and he remembered the deal he and his dad had made with the headmaster when they first talked to him. The football coach was certified in teaching self-defense, and all students that transferred because of bullying issues had to take it. Jeff obviously knew this somehow, even though Kurt already knew that Jeff had a rich family and had started out at Dalton.

“I...” Kurt didn't know what to say, he was not used to sharing this. He knew there was a big chance that one or more of the boys would notice, as they had communal showers and the bruises he had were bad, but for all he knew none of them would care.

“Look, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. When someone transfers mid semesters, it's pretty obvious that whatever happened is bad, and I want you to know that you can tell me if you want to. If not, then that's okay too.” Jeff laid a hand on his shoulder, and Kurt sighed in relief. He would probably tell Jeff the details in a few weeks, but not the first day here.

A few hours later they had eaten dinner, again in an almost empty dining hall, and on the way back to their room, Kurt asked Jeff to tell him about the Warblers.

“Well, we are an accapella glee club, with 17 members right now. We have a faculty supervisor, two actually, but we also have a council with three students and one lead singer. The council right now is Wes, who's the head of the council and a senior. He's nice, but somewhat constipated. David, who's a junior, is very easy going and friendly. He tends to help choreograph a lot of our dances, as do I and a guy named James, who is also very nice. Thad, the third council member, and also a junior and probably the head next year, is somewhat stoic. He's very quiet, not the most social of the Warblers, so I don't know how that well, but he's nice and he reads a lot of books. The there's Blaine, he's our lead singer.”

By now they were in their room, sitting across from each other on the beds. Kurt had been listening in interest up until now, and when Jeff mentioned Blaine, he got very curious of what Jeff would say of the other boy.

“Blaine sings really well, and he has a lot of stage presence, but you should be a little careful around him. You're gay, right?” The question caught Kurt a little off guard, but he nodded and Jeff continued. “Blaine can be perfectly nice, but he is kind of a flirt, and he's gay. There have been several gay guys who have fallen for him, just to realize that Blaine is like that with everyone. I don't hate the guy or anything, and as I said, he can be nice when he needs to, but he has broken a lot of hearts on his way, probably without meaning to.”

Kurt felt his heart sink, and he was happy he had decided not to tell Blaine that he was coming here. It was hard to hear that the first gay guy you had a crush on probably wouldn't go anywhere, but at the same time he was glad Jeff had told him now, before it became more than a crush.

“Thanks for letting me know.” Kurt gave him a smile, but before he could say anything else, someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Jeff spoke up, but it was clear that it was no need to shout.

“Me!” Kurt was confused, but Jeff clearly knew who it was and he almost jumped off the bed.

“Oh! Come on in.” Jeff was smiling from ear to ear as a dark haired boy walked in. The boy gave Jeff a hug and a peck on his lips before they both turned to Kurt, who was looking at them a little shocked.

“Kurt, this is my boyfriend Nick, Nick this is my new roommate Kurt.”

Kurt got up from the bed and shook the shorter males’ hand. Jeff stood with his arm over Nick's shoulder and Nick had his arm around Jeff's waist. Nick was calmly smiling at Kurt, whilst Jeff had reached a new level of hyperactive.

Kurt didn't know why, but there was something he liked instantly about Nick. He was calm and collected next to his jumpy boyfriend, and much in the same way that Kurt had connected with Sam when they first met, he connected with Nick. With Sam, what he had first thought were romantically, had soon turned out to be something brotherly. If they had been to school together longer, Kurt was quite certain that Sam would be his best guy friend, and Kurt had planned on trying to stay in contact with the blond.

With Nick, he decided to just see where it went. It was obvious to him that it wouldn't be romantically, not just because Nick loved Jeff, but the connection was something else altogether. He would probably see a lot of Nick anyways, with Jeff as his roomy.

The night went on, they talked and talked and when supper came, Kurt told the two boys to go without him. He wanted to call his dad and Tina, and he was exhausted after everything that day. The talk with his dad was short, but nice, and Kurt felt the stone in his stomach lighten a little, even though he cried through half the conversation. The talk with Tina was a lot longer. He filled her in on everything that had happened, and cried a little again with homesickness. By the time Jeff came back from supper, Kurt was ready to crash, and the two boys got ready for bed.

As he lay down in his bed, Kurt looked over at Jeff, who was in his bed reading. He looked at the blond for a second before speaking. “Thanks for making my first day easier.” Jeff gave him a smile, and Kurt was out like a light.

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