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Fic Masterlist

My fanfiction masterlist:)

I have written fanfic in Glee, Harry Potter and one HP/Twilight crossover. There are some stories that I wrote years ago, and have a different writing style of writing. They are under "Older stories".

* = WIP
¤= One-shots


*A foot in the door (earlier "Hopeless - or maybe not so much")
After seeing a certain hip-swivel, Sebastian has turned his attention towards Kurt, who might not hate it as much as it looks like.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Sebastian

*Casual Relations
Kurt's best friend is Sebastian Smythe, and that has made him slightly more relaxed about hooking up with random people. Suddenly, said random people start appearing in his 'regular' life.
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Jesse, Kurt/others (more coming as the story develops)

*Connecting to Dalton
When Kurt transfers back to McKinley, it's not for the reasons many thinks. As the Warblers sing their goodbye, Kurt thinks back at his time with them and the friends he have made.

* Dalton Academy
Kurt transfers to Dalton, but decides that instead of hanging on to Blaine, he's going to make his own way and his own friends.
AN: Undecided pairing, though NOT Klaine. Kurt/Warblers friendships.

*Dalton's Point of View
A collection of one-shots where we see the Warblers point of view about anything that happens on the show. These are all Kurt-centric, as he is my favorite character, but they will not be connected to each other.
2: Fit in: Blaine tells Kurt to try an fit in more, but Kurt wants something a bit more constructive.

*Small World

Hunter goes home to his parents in New York over Christmas break, and meets a certain Kurt Hummel.
Pairing: Kurt/Hunter

*The Roads we Walk...
Sebastian and his mother finds a boy walking along the road, that can't seem to remember who he is.
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian. Warning: Amnesia

¤Making the right choice
Kurt trying to make the right choice for his romantic future after what happens in 4x15
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Adam

¤Never Forgive
Rachel will never forgive Blaine for what he did to Kurt.
AN: Ficlet

¤The Lonely Boy
What if Burt had died?
AN: Trigger alert!! Has suicide and major character death. This just wouldn't leave me alone.

¤Never getting back together
Kurt laying it in to some people from McKinley
AN: I felt the need to rant a little.

Harry Potter:

¤Father Figures
Harry and Draco have similar father figures.
Pairing: Harry/Draco Warnings: Allusions to incest and rape. Angst and Romance.

A Surprising turn
Hermione is married to Ron, pregnant and life couldn't be better. Until he does something to muck it up, and Hermione receives a letter that changes her world.
Pairing: Hermoine/Pansy Warning: Mean!Ron.

Hermione makes a discovert that changes her vacation plans between sixth and seventh year. She is suddenly traveling to the states with three Slytherons she had befriended and the trip changes her perception on things.
Pairing: Hermione/Draco

Skipping Out
While in the middle of a quarrel, Draco and Hermione both realise and reveal to each other that they want out of the war, and decide to cover each other's ass while getting the fuck out of the country. Telling their sides that they are leaving up north to seek out and capture each other, they meet someone that seems to know who they are. As they are being searched for, they need to run again, where will they go and what will happen?
Pairing: Hermione/Draco Warning: Mean!Harry & Ron

¤Being Me
On one of her summer vacations, Minerva meets a woman she can't help but be intrigued by. Then it turns out the woman is not who she though she was.
Pairing: Minerva/Bellatrix

¤Marriage Betrayal
Hermione comes back to Hogwarts after years out in the real world. But forgetting an affair is not as easy as she thought.
Pairing: Hermione/Snape

¤One last thing
The war is on and they all fight. As it comes to an end, there is still one thing Hermione needs to do.
Pairing: Hermione/Snape Warning: Character Death

Hermoine has pulled her own life up with the root to go with Fleur to Paris, but when she finds 15 roses, she sees that nothing is as she thought.
Pairing: Hermione/Fleur. Mention of Bill/Fleur Warnings: angsty, mention of cheating


The Triangle of Confusion - HP/Twilight

Harry Potter-Black moves to Forks as a music teacher. Edward is certain Harry is his mate and Jacob is pretty sure he imprinted on Harry. Harry is somewhat confused.

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