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Story: The Roads we walk... Chapter 2: Waking up

Summary: Sebastian and his mother finds a boy walking along the road, that can't seem to remember who he is.
Title: The Roads we walk...
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian
Beta: Thanks to The Other, all mistakes are mine
Disclaimer: Glee is not mine

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Waking up

He shifted as he could feel his mind waking up. When he had woken up the first time, he had been so confused and so scared. His mind had been like a black hole - he couldn't find anything to hold onto. Everything had been a blur, but the doctors had informed him that he had amnesia (which he somehow knew what it was), and they said something about a tumor in his head that needed out. He had been too confused to follow what happened, and before he knew it, he was sleeping again.

Now he was waking up for the second time, and things were a tiny bit clearer. He was still confused, and his mind was still blank, but not as much as before. He could remember the doctors’ now, and the police officer that had been in his room, and even though that didn't really say much about anything, like who he was or where he came from, it was better than not remembering anything.

For some reason, even though he was still confused and scared, he felt calmer now. He looked around the room, trying to figure out what had changed, when he suddenly noticed that he wasn't alone on the bed. A boy had an arm thrown over his waist (and how he hadn't noticed that before, he didn't know) and was resting his head on the other arm which was lying bent on the bed.

He looked at the boy. He had brown hair, and he seemed to be tall, but that was really all he could tell. Was this someone he should remember? A brother or maybe a friend? Why else would he be here? He reached out a hand and slowly ran his fingers through the hair. As he did so, the smell of the boy wafted towards him, and he felt his whole body relax. He didn't know who this boy was, but when he lay down curled up on one side, the arm still thrown over his waist and laying as close to the boy as possible, he knew one thing; the smell was familiar and made him feel extremely safe. He closed his eyes, taking in the smell and taking the boy's hand in his own, and fell asleep.


Sebastian woke with a start, and sat up. He wasn't sure what had woken him up, because he was still alone with the unknown boy, and the curtains where covering the window, blocking any sunshine that might peek through. He looked down on the bed, and realized that the boy had moved. He was lying on his side, curled up, with one hand holding Sebastian's own. His hand was soft, amazingly so, and Sebastian couldn't help but stroke it. Normally, when someone grabbed his hand, Sebastian would pull his away, but there was something about this boy. Sebastian just wanted to protect him, to help him, to...hold him. It scared him that this boy could affect him like that after not even a day, and Sebastian just wanted to pull into himself again and keep all emotions at bay, but this boy seemed to make that impossible. He looked so fragile, laying there in between the sheets, curled into himself.

“Hi.” The timid voice filled the quiet room like a gunshot, and Sebastian jumped, looking over at the boys face. He was still unconsciously stroking the hand in his.

“Hi.” Sebastian gave the boy a smile.

“Do I know you?” There is a small hope in the boys’ eyes, and Sebastian hated to have to crush it.

“My mother and I found you stumbling along the road and brought you to the hospital. You might remember me from that, I held you in my lap the half an hour it took to drive.”

“Oh, okay. It's just... nothing, forget it.”

Sebastian looked at him, trying to press the issue, when suddenly the door opened and a nurse came in. A few minutes later, he was kicked out of the room, and he found a waiting room nearby, sending off a text to his mom about where he was before he fell asleep against the wall.


Vivian Smythe was opening the doors to the hospital, striding in, looking a little bit harried. She had gotten a text from Sebastian an hour ago, telling her that the boy was awake, and where Sebastian was waiting, but she had been caught in the morning traffic, and it took forever to get to the hospital. She quickly found the elevators, and walked off on the right floor. As she walked down the hallway, she could hear voices, but she didn't really pick up on anything before she heard two people talking in an office at the end of the hall, door open just a few inches. Vivian stopped and listened when she realized who they were talking about.

“No, he doesn't seem to remember anything specific, but he seems to know things instinctively. He understood how to use the iPhone without problems, same with the laptop, so it seems it's mostly his memories that are gone. The issue, however, is not that. We found a lot of bruises on his body, bruises covering other bruises, and also a few scars. There are no broken bones, but everything still points to abuse. Not necessary by his parents, but that's impossible to say.” It was a male voice, most probably a doctor.

A female voice answered him. “What I need to know is how old he is. If he is under 18, and we don't find his family, we need to get him to foster parents. If he's over 18, it's not our responsibility, it's the state.”

“Well, due to several things, I would say he is probably 17. It's hard to be exact, but I'm pretty sure he is not 18 yet.”
“Okay. Hopefully his memory will come back to him, but if not I need to find a foster family for him. I doubt we can find someone to adopt him, but a foster family for a year shouldn't be a problem, hopefully.”

Vivian knew the lady was lying. She herself had been in the foster system, and the older the child, the harder to find a home for them. It was just how those things worked. Hopefully, the unknown boy would get his memory back, but she had no idea what the chances were for that.
She walked towards the waiting room, thinking. They - she and her husband - were an approved foster home, because their oldest had a friend who had a lousy family that they decided to take in. If the boy didn't get his memory back, they could take him in and help him out. Without a family he would need someone to get a good start in his life, and the Smythe's had more money than they knew what to do with, and love to go all around. She would wait, and meet the boy, before she decided anything, and talk to Sebastian and Richard too, but something told her that by the time the week was up, they would have a new member in the family.

Chapter 3
Tags: fandom: glee, pairing: kurt/sebastian, story: the roads we walk

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