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Story: Casual relations, Chapter 2: Jesse

Summary: Kurt's best friend is Sebastian Smythe, and that has made him slightly more relaxed about hooking up with random people. Suddenly, said random people start appearing in his 'regular' life.
Title: Casual relations
Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian, Kurt/Jesse, Kurt/others
Beta: Thanks to The Other. Alll mistakes are mine
Disclaime: Once again, no...

Chapter 1


Kurt's sophomore year brought with it the proper start of Glee club, and after a few weeks, new friends. Kurt had been friends with Tina and Artie longer than he could remember, of course, and he had grown up with Rachel in his classes or close by. They never really spoke much, without any particular reason for that, but Kurt knew what everybody knew about her; She was loud, a diva and had two gay dads. That alone made Kurt like her just a little more, and as Leroy Berry was one of the volunteers for the LGBT meetings, Kurt was friendly towards her.
Mercedes had gone to another school before she started high school at McKinley, so Kurt didn't really know all that much about her. She seemed nice, but she they hadn't really interacted at all, so he couldn't say anything more about her.

Then Finn joined, and Kurt cringed a little. He did not appreciate that Mr. Schue brought one of his tormentors into his one safe place at school, even if Finn had been one of the nicest of them. It turned out, of course, that Finn very easy gave under for peer pressure, and Kurt wasn't sure if Finn even quite knew why they had tormented Kurt, only that it had become somewhat of a routine.

Slowly, but surely the club started to fill up. First Quinn, Santana and Brittany joined, although Kurt really did have his doubts as for why at first. Kurt didn't know Quinn at all, other than the fact that she was HBIC, but he did know both Santana and Brittany. Brittany and him had crossed each other in classes several times during the years, and although they weren't really friends, more friendly, Kurt had come to appreciate her special charm over the years. Santana and him had also crossed path's several times, and though neither would claim to be friends, they didn't really dislike each other.

Then, after the whole 'Single Ladies' thing with the football team (which Sebastian had laughed himself silly about when Kurt told him), the club grew with three more members; Puck, Mike and Matt.

For the last few years, Puck had mainly been one of Kurt's tormentors. He hadn't been the worst, far from it, and in the same way Kurt could put aside things with Finn, he could do with Puck. Both had yet to apologize, but Kurt figured that might never come, so for his own peace of mind, he gave them another chance.

Mike and Matt where both completely unknowns to Kurt at first, as they had both gone to other schools before they started McKinley, and neither had been a part of the neanderthal gang. They both seemed nice enough, although very quiet. The only difference between them for Kurt, was that because of their size, he was much more relaxed around Mike. Throughout the year, he got to know them both a lot better, and when Matt’s parents decided to move, Kurt was the scond person Matt told, after Mike.

After a few months of meeting all these people in a new setting, Kurt's friendships became a lot more. Girl’s nights now involved every girl except Rachel, mostly because the girl wasn't even trying to become friendly with the other girls or Kurt for that matter. Tina and Kurt had been doing these nights for years, and Brittany was the first one to join them. Not long after came Santana, mostly because she would follow the blond almost anywhere. Then came Mercedes, who had a least tried to be friendly, even though Kurt really didn't get along with her all that well. Lastly came Quinn, who after being 'outed' as pregnant, had loosened up considerably.

The biggest change for Kurt, was that he was suddenly invited to Boy’s nights. He had been a bit timid at first, but Mike and Matt had encouraged him and Artie to join them, and Kurt felt a bit safer with his friend there. It was all the Glee boys, and the night was filled with pizza, video games and talking about different girls' anatomy. Kurt found that he actually liked it, though he could live without the last part. It turned out that boy’s gossip just as much as girls do, just about entirely different things. Kurt learned to see between the lines of what was said, and he was pretty sure Mike had a crush on Tina, that Matt was bisexual, that Puck had more respect for women than anyone Kurt knew, and was disappointed to learn that Artie was a bit of a misogynist and that Finn was a bit homophobic. The last one was a bitter pill to swallow, as their parents had started dating, but he figured that as long as the worst Finn did was move away from his touch, he wouldn't say anything (although he would rant about it to Sebastian later).

When Kurt suddenly heard about Rachel's new boyfriend, Jesse St. James, over lunch someday, he almost choked. He had known very well that Jesse was bisexual, but he couldn't quite see what in the world he wanted with Rachel. Yes, Rachel and Jesse had certain shared qualities, but the Jesse Kurt knew was a rather sexual creature, who had written off any serious relationship until he got to college. Jesse himself had told him that it was mainly because he didn't want to split his focus and ruin his chances of attending whatever college he wanted to attend.

Kurt had started to attend LGBT meetings when he started his freshman year, and continued to do so throughout sophomore year. He had met Jesse the first time through some friends, and the later at Scandals, a few weeks after he started going there. They had hit it off rather well at dinner, had exchanged phone numbers and texted each other

Kurt had been dancing for an hour or so when he decided to take a breather and sat down by the bar and ordered a beer. He was being ogled by a few guys, the youngest of which had just asked him to dance just an hour ago. Although Kurt found the attention flattering, he was thankful for his young look, because it made sure very few of the men actually approached him. As legal age of consent in Ohio was 16, he was old enough, but as Kurt looked as if he could be as young as 14, most of the men kept away to be on the safe side.

Just as the bartender was giving Kurt his beer, a familiar figure walked into the club. Jesse St. James, in skin tight jeans and a formfitting black t-shirt. It wasn't the first time that Kurt met someone he knew at Scandals, but it was the first time he met someone he would consider a friend. He hadn't known that Jesse was gay, or maybe bi, but it didn't surprise him much. The boy was just a little too interested in show choir to be straight.

As the other boy sat down at the bar, Kurt moved from his own seat and sat down next to him with a grin. “Jesse St. James, didn't expect to see you here.”

The brunette looked up and smiled when he saw Kurt sitting there. “Kurt Hummel, I'm surprised they would let you in, I know they're not exactly best on checking ID's, but you don't look a day over 15.”

Ah, but you don't need an ID when you have an ass as nice as mine. When I was here the first time, the bouncer looked at my fake ID, then asked to see the real one. I figured it was bust, but showed him anyways, and when he saw I was over 16, he let me in. They don't care much as long as everyone is above the age of consent.”

Jesse started laughing, and shook his head. “Of course, at least there is that.”

They sat talking for a while whilst Jesse drank his beer, and Kurt noticed that once Jesse knew his age, he had started flirting shamelessly. When the older boy had half the beer left, he laid his hand on Kurt's thigh, and Kurt really did find the other male attractive so he leaned into the touch. Suddenly the beer was empty, the hand had slid further up, the other hand was stroking Kurt's hip and Jesse was asking him a question.

Wanna dance?”

Kurt just nodded and rose of from the seat, leading the older boy to a spot on the dance floor. It was Friday night, so the floor was pretty packed, and any dancing would be rather close. Though of course, neither of them minded all that much. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and it wasn't as much dancing as it was dry sex. When Kesha started singing about “going hard” Kurt turned around and started grinding against Jesse, and the older boy moaned in his ear, before lightly biting on his earlobe. Kurt threw his head back and bit his lip, moaning loudly as Jesse's hands lightly touched his hardening erection through his skinny jeans.

Come back to my place?” The question was almost breathed in his ear, and once again Kurt just nodded as he grabbed Jesse's hand and walked towards the exit. As they waited for their jackets, the older boy pushed him against the wall and started kissing the countertenor. It soon turned to a heavy makeout session, before Jesse grabbed their coats and steered Kurt towards his blue BMW. The short trip to Jesse's house was filled with a lot of groping on Kurt's behalf and a straining erection on Jesse's. As they parked outside one of the houses in a cul-de-sac, Kurt suddenly realized that there might be parents at home, and froze up.

Relax, my parents are away for the weekend, I have the house to myself.” Jesse seemed to have understood the problem, and dragged the other boy with him. Kurt fished up his phone from his back pocket, sending off a text to his father and one to a friend. He had a long standing deal with a couple of guys from the LGBT meetings - that they would cover for each other whenever they were going out. Burt thought his son was visiting a friend a few towns over, and now Kurt had informed him that he was sleeping over there.

They stumbled through the house and into the bedroom, clothes in their wake, hurriedly pulled off by eager fingers. By the time they had arrived in the bedroom, Jesse was in his boxers, and Kurt was naked, as he had gone commando, and Jesse was trying to taste the inside of Kurt's mouth. They came up for air, and Jesse started kissing down Kurt's pale neck, licking and tasting as he went, heeding the hurried “no hickies” from Kurt. His arms were tightly around the countertenor's waist, and Kurt had one arm in his hair and the other squeezing his ass. They were grinding against each other, but they both knew they wanted more than that, and withdrew slightly from each other.

Top or bottom?” Kurt's hurried question caught Jesse a bit off guard. Jesse preferred to bottom, at least with guys he knew, but he had thought Kurt was an exclusive bottom. Kurt must have seen his surprise, as he continued talking.

I'm versatile - I like both just as much.”

Jesse didn't say anything, but he crawled up on the bed, making a clear statement of just what he wanted. Kurt followed him, crawling on all fours and hovering above the older boy, before he started licking and sucking his way down Jesse's chest. As his mouth reached the edging of the boxers, he pulled them down and Jesse's straining cock bounced up. Kurt started lightly stroking the area around Jesse's balls and cock, and teased the skin lightly, licking with just the tip of his tongue, and then blowing hot air over it.

Come on, stop being such a tease!” Jesse was groaning and trying to restrain himself. Before he could even get all the words out, Kurt had swallowed his cock to the hilt, sucking lightly whilst one of his fingers started teasing Jesse's hole. Kurt bobbed his head up and down a few times, thankful for his lack of gag reflex, humming around the heavy flesh as Jesse grabbed his hair. As he heard the other boy groan, he pulled his head back, and looked up at him. “Lube and condom?” Jesse started fumbling through the nightstand next to him, and came up triumphant with a bottle of lube, and packet of condoms that he handed to Kurt. The countertenor spread some lube on his fingers, and pressed one in, Jesse moaning as he breached the tight muscles. As he worked the finger in and out, he started kissing and licking his way over Jesse's torso, giving small bites as he went along. Before long, Jesse groaned out “another”, and Kurt carefully slipped another lube covered finger in, slowly and carefully scissoring his fingers. He didn't have anything against a quick lay, but he preferred to take his time and they had all night long.

Come on!” Jesse was obviously getting impatient, and Kurt kissed him harsh as he the third finger joined the first two. He could feel the muscles around his fingers and groaned in anticipation of what was to come. Jesse was groaning and moaning under him, and Kurt finally sat back and fished out a condom, opening the packet with his teeth before rolling it down his cock. The other boy had whined when he had withdrawn his fingers, but now he was looking down at Kurt with dark eyes, spreading his legs wider and bending his knees, placing his feet on the bed. Kurt groaned again, watching his hole winking at him, and quickly rubbed his condom-covered erection with the lube. He could see Jesse biting his lip and leaning his head back with closed eyes as Kurt grabbed his cock and started breaching Jesse's body, inch by inch. As he was pressing in, Kurt let a long moan out, hearing short gasps and groans coming from Jesse.

Kurt leaned over the other boy as he bottomed out, breathing deep as Jesse breathed out a barely audible “hang on”. Kurt kissed down Jesse's neck trying to relax the other boy, and after half a minute, he could hear a much clearer “move!”

It had been great sex, and they had met up infrequently after that, usually at Jesse's house, though one memorable time Jesse had snuck into Kurt's basement whilst Burt was home. Thankfully his basement was sound proof. They also had a few quickies in the bathroom at Scandals, but that was mostly blow jobs.

The friends’ part of friends with benefits came easy to them, but neither of them really wanted a relationship. Kurt was pretty sure he would go insane if he was dating Jesse, and the sex was mostly because it was convenient and they happened to have great sex together.

When Jesse walked into the choir room, Kurt had simply raised an eyebrow, and the expression on Jesse's face made it clear that he knew Kurt would be there. He knew Kurt went to McKinley, and Kurt was pretty sure he had mentioned that he was in the Glee club, so it wasn't really a surprise. Neither was it a surprise that Jesse begged him to keep their 'fuckbuddy' relationship a secret to Rachel, and they simply pretended that they didn't know each other. When the “Run, joey, Run” thing had happened, Kurt had gone to Jesse's house and comforted him, and been a little surprised by the amount of feelings he seemed to have for Rachel.

When the whole thing had gone down, and Jesse had sold them out to Vocal Adrenaline and Shelby, Kurt had been pissed off. He had called Jesse, yelled at him for a good hour, before ignoring him for two weeks. In the end, after several texts and messages on his answering machine, Jesse had sent him a long PM on Facebook. He talked a lot around things, but it basically boiled down to that he owed Shelby his life and that even though he had feelings for Rachel and didn't want to alienate Kurt, he had promised Shelby to do this. He had also added a little note at the end that “Give Up The Funk” had been great and that he had no idea Kurt could go that low.

Kurt kept Jesse in the doghouse most of the summer, but by fall they were back to being friends, though Kurt didn’t go to him for the sex part anymore.

He decided it would be best if they just kept their friendship casual.

Tags: fandom: glee, pairing: kurt/jesse, rating: nc17, story: casual relations

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